Treasure Island Flea: Grand Opening

This past Memorial Day weekend, Treasure Island had the grand opening of their open-air marketplace. With a $3 cover charge you get to treasure hunt through antiques, home decor, arts and crafts, handmade items, and vintage/indie designs.


I came across an antique exhibit with a sign that said they were also doing feather extensions. The price ranged from $8 to $20 depending on the amount and quality of the feathers you chose. This new trend that has engulfed Los Angeles, has been slowly integrating into Northern Cali. In Socal these extensions start at $40-$60+ a strand! My sister and I both decided we had to get us some feathers. The beautician lead us to a table where she had bags and bags of feathers ranging anywhere from hot pink to green polka dot feathers to giant rooster feathers and thin hen-like feathers. She had a huge selection in different patterns, colors, and sizes.

My sister and I both ended up getting 2 strands each, with 4-5 feathers in each; totaling to the amount you would pay for 1 extension in L.A! What a deal!


All in all, the flea market was worth the trip. I’d come back one weekend if I had nothing else to do, just to see what new things they’ve incorporated. This was just the grand opening and there were already a decent number of vendors and shoppers present so I’m assuming this event is only beginning to pick up steam.

For more information on the event, visit: Treasure Island Flea


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    • They last a couple months. It really depends on how fast your hair grows. It’s clamped to the root of your hair but once your hair grows out you can always reuse the feathers and reclamp them =).

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