Day 1: Weekend In Monterey

One of my recent weekends, I decided I wanted to take a trip down to Monterey and visit the aquarium. I haven’t been down there for a good 2 years and wanted to check out the new seahorse exhibit that opened up in 2009.
Grabbed my duffel bag, packed the dogs up, and off we go!

On our way there we couldn’t resist a little shopping and stopped by the Gilroy Outlets for a quick splurge. As we started up on the road again we saw a Cycle Gear on the side of the freeway and had to make another pit stop. I needed a helmet.
We finally got to Monterey a few hours behind schedule and stopped by Lalla Grill for a quick lunch. They were very accommodating to the 3 little fur balls. We were seated in the very mod patio area.  I enjoyed my steak salad as the dogs gulped down water from the dog bowl the waiter brought out.

Afterwards, we headed straight to Carmel State Beach. Parking was a bit of a pain but we managed to find a decent spot. The sand was so white and fine that it stuck to me like grains of sugar.

We headed to the Monterey’s Fisherman’s Wharf after with our wolf pack and explored the infinite rows of restaurants on the wharf offering us free seafood appetizers and samples of clam chowder. Business must have really slowed down from the last time I was there.


Heading back towards the parking lot we found the Custom House: California Historic Landmark #1! Interesting fact: John Drake Sloat raised the American flag over the Custom House on July 7, 1846 to signal the passing of California to United States from Mexican rule. Cool huh? This may be the beginning of an obsessive quest: my attempt to explore every landmark in California.

We finally checked into our hotel. The pups were exhausted.

Next thing I realized, my stomach was calling out to me. I went on my trusty Yelp app and settled on the Sardine Factory. I made super last minute reservations through OpenTable via Yelp. Mmm what a delicious decision!


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