Tea Service at Samovar

Fudge Brownie with Green Tea Mouse

Mmmm Green Tea anything in food form gets me excited. This was an interesting pairing. It’s no secret to me that chocolate and green tea go well together but chocolate spice? I’m not so sure about that. I felt like I was stuck between two completely different worlds. Ok I’m in Japan… no wait, now India… Japan… India. Seeing how Samovar loves to create tea service sets with the same theme, I don’t quiet understand what they were trying to do with this dish. The brownie tasted like it was spiked with Indian spices. It was interesting, just not my cup of tea. Nonetheless, it’s still pretty to look at and I loved the matcha mousse!

Afternoon Tea Service:

English Service with a 3-Tiered Platter:
Wild Smoked Salmon Quiche, Cherry Oat Scone with Cream & Jam, Fresh Fruit & English Style Tea Set

Chinese Service: Smoked Duck Stir-fry, Squash Dumplings & Puerh Tea


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