Moveable Feast: A Food Truck Festival

Moveable Feast is held the first Friday of every month through October, 5:30 – 10:00pm. I caught it opening night on the first of this month. Admission is free but you do have to pay $10 for parking since it is located at the San Mateo Event Center. There were about 20 food trucks that participated. The types of street food ranged from BBQ, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Filipino, to cupcakes. There is a long stretch of tables in the center off the food truck circle.

What’s a knish?
Potatoes, spices, and other goodies wrapped in a flour dough then thrown on a grill.

There was a lineup of bands playing that night. I arrived at the event at the last hour and luckily still in time to catch the last band. Where’s Waldo?

One of the event rooms was used to hold the Local Label Faire. A bunch of local vendors showcased their goods there that were all made from recycled materials. They sold everything from rings made from typewriter keys to soda can speakers and amps.

After wandering around the Local Label Faire, my stomach was getting very impatient with me. Decisions, decisions…
I finally settled on a short rib burrito and Hawaiian-style sliders from the MOGO food truck. Their menu was mostly Korean influenced.

I’ve got to come back and take the family here next month for dinner! So many trucks… so little time. Only 3 months left! If you’re in the peninsula check out what the food truck craze is about before it’s too late.

Visit  for more information.

Coming Soon: Off the Grid post (Food Truck post part 2: San Francisco’s Food Truck Gathering)


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