Backyard Adventure

Yesterday was such a beautiful day and I thought it would be good to get the dogs out of the house for a bit. I had originally planned on taking them to a dog park but all the good parks require I get on the freeway and join the afterwork wave of traffic. No thanks. I could walk them around the neighborhood… but I pretty much live on a hill and I was too lazy for that. Where to go now?
I hadn’t been in my backyward for years and I began to wonder what kind of vegetation or mess I got growing up at the top now. Why not explore the backyard?

After conquering the wodden stairs with questionable stability, we continued on our journey to the top only to realize there were no more steps so we stopped midway.

After some time in the sun, they decided to lead me back indoors with burr and wood splints trailing behind on their tails.
I didn’t really find anything exciting at the top and I was left with the awesome task of carefully pulling individual pieces of burr off four furry dogs; maybe we’ll head to the park next time.

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